While you are recording with Spire Studio and connected to the Spire app, your audio is temporarily stored on the Spire Studio itself and will automatically sync with your phone/tablet as when you go back to the main Project List screen in the Spire app. There is never a need to manually sync your projects between the Spire Studio and your iOS or Android device.

in the Spire app’s Project List screen, if you do not see a thumbnail image of the Project to the right side of each Project Title, then the recording is located only on your Spire Studio. Simply tap to open the project and it will upload it to your device.

After a Project is synced to your device, it no longer exists on the Spire Studio’s internal memory. This means that if you connect another device to your Spire Studio, the project will not be available. In order to have copies of a project on multiple devices, simply export the Spire Project File from your device to your preferred save destination and import it onto the other.

Click Here for more information about exporting your project!

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