• Project Storage Management

    When recording with Spire Studio, your audio is stored in the Spire Studio itself. However, your recordings will sync to your phone almost instantly. 

  • Sharing Options

    There are a few ways you can share your work using the Spire app. When you have a project open, press the Share button to access your export options.

  • Sharing with AirDrop

    A quick and easy way to share your project with another iOS device or Mac computer is through AirDrop. AirDrop allows you to share files directly from one device to another.

  • Copyright FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about copyright and ownership of your music are answered here.

  • Share from Project List

    A great shortcut for sharing your Spire Project is to simply send a link to it! While in the main Project List screen on your Spire App swipe left on the project to reveal the green Share button. Tapping this will create a Share Link that you can send to your friends, bandmates, producers, or collaborators - iOS or Android. .

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