• Setting Up Spire Studio

    Set up your Spire Studio for the first time by following a few simple steps. It only takes a few minutes.

  • What is phantom power?

    Phantom Power refers to DC voltage required to operate certain microphones. Enabling this button will provide 48 volts of electricity to power your condenser microphone. 

  • The Spire Studio WiFi Network

    Spire Studio uses an ad-hoc WiFi connection in order to provide the easiest possible setup procedure, so that you can get to the the fun part as quickly as possible.

  • Power LED Status and Battery Life

    The backlit On/Off button on the rear of your Spire Studio gives information about the state of your system. While battery life may vary by usage, you can expect 4 hours of use when fully charged.

  • Inputs and Outputs

    Spire Studio has two 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo headphone outputs, on one the front and one on the back. These outputs can be used to monitor while recording, or to listen while playing back your project. The two outputs can be used simultaneously so two people may listen at once!

  • Adjusting the Headphone Output Level

    If your phone or tablet is connected to Spire Studio, monitoring and playback can be heard only via the headphone outputs on the Spire Studio hardware. Read on for help adjusting the output level.

  • Using Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers with Spire

    If you wish you listen to a project in the Spire app through a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, please be sure that you have disconnected from the Spire Studio hardware first by powering Spire Studio off, or disconnecting from the Spire Studio WiFi network in your device’s settings menu.

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