Why is my audio out of sync?

February 28, 2016

The affect you are experiencing can occur when a plug-in introduces more delay into your signal flow than your DAW can compensate for. This generally only occurs with very CPU heavy algorithms and plug-ins and it may cause your track to be out of sync with the rest of your audio.

In these cases we recommend processing your audio 'offline' as this will not affect the sync of your track.

In Pro Tools, offline processing is handled by AudioSuite plug-ins:

  1. Select the audio you wish to process.
  2. Navigate to the following menu path - AudioSuite > Noise Reduction > iZotope Product
  3. Click the speaker icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the plug-in interface in order to preview the processing.
  4. With your settings dialed in click 'Render' to apply the De-clip processing to the selected audio in your timeline.

*For more information about how to adjust for Latency or Delay Compensation in your DAW/host please see the article below:



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