What is Batch Processing? How do I use it?

April 29, 2016

In RX, Batch Processing allows you to automate processing on groups of files, or applying multiple modules to files.

There are two ways to use batch processing:

First method: If you have selected a section of a file to process, and the processing will take a long time, you can click the "Batch" button instead of the "Apply" button. This will add the job to the list of batch processing.

Second method: You can view the batch processing window at any time by selecting File / Batch Processing. Click the "Add Files" button to add one or more file for batch processing, then choose the processing module you wish to use. RX will take the last settings for that processing module and use them to process each file. In this case, batch processing will be applied to the entire file for each file you select.

All of this information will be presented in the batch processing window. To view the settings for a particular batch processing job, click the "View Settings" button. After making changes, to grab a snapshot of the module's current settings to use for batch processing, click the "Update Settings" button.

Once you are satisfied with the batch processing jobs, click the "Run" button to run all of them. You will see a progress dialog while RX runs each job. To cancel the current job and all subsequent jobs, click the "Cancel" button.

After batch processing, the results will be presented to you in the batch processing window. If a job has failed or been cancelled, you can click the "Run" button to attempt these jobs again.


To configure the output file format for all batch processing, click the "Settings" button.

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