Splice FAQs

September 22, 2017

iZotope is proud to announce that we've partnered with Splice to offer a convenient new purchase option for select products!

What is Splice?

Splice is a desktop application that runs in the background on your system. By way of network connection, the Splice client allows communication between your system and your rent-to-own iZotope product licenses. As long as Splice is running, you’ll have full access to the iZotope software linked to your Splice account.

Before downloading the Splice desktop client, be sure to create a splice.com account here. Creating a Splice membership is fast, easy, and free! Once you’ve created your splice.com account, click here to download the Splice desktop client.

How are my rent-to-own iZotope plug-ins priced?

The rent-to-own iZotope plug-ins are paid off in monthly installments until the cost of the product is met, at which point you will be offered a serial number for permanent registration and activation. You will not pay any additional costs or fees for renting the product through Splice.

Also, should you choose to cancel your rent-to-own plan, your splice.com account will save your payment progress. Should you later choose to resume your rent-to-own plan, payments will pick up right where thy left off before cancellation. In this way, you will never pay more for the product(s) via Splice than the original, listed price.

Additionally, Splice allows you to pay the remaining balance of your rent-to-own product outright at any time.

How do I make sure my rent-to-own iZotope software is up-to-date?

Checking for product updates is simple and convenient using the Splice desktop client.

1.) Click the Splice menu bar icon to launch the desktop client app.

2.) Click the Plugins tab. You will see a list of your rent-to-own iZotope software.

3.) If an update is available, you will see an option to download and install the latest software update.

Can I install my rent-to-own iZotope products on more than one computer?

Yes. Splice allows you to install your rent-to-own iZotope products on an unlimited number of computers, as long as the product(s) is/are only in use on one system at any given time.

Can I activate my rent-to-own iZotope products on more than one computer?

Yes. Once the balance for your rent-to-own iZotope products have been paid in full, you will be issued a serial number that can be used for permanent registration and activation. Your iZotope product’s End User License Agreement (EULA) can be found in the following locations on your machine:

Mac — Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > iZotope > PRODUCT NAME > License

PC — C: > Program Files (x86) > iZotope > PRODUCT NAME > License

Once I own my iZotope product outright, how do I purchase discounted upgrades?

When an upgrade to the next version of your iZotope product becomes available, a coupon will be added to your iZotope.com account. To access the coupon, log in to iZotope.com under the account to which your product is registered. Click on Upgrade Coupons from the menu on the left to make your upgrade purchase. If you do not see a coupon for an upgrade for which you believe you qualify, please contact iZotope Customer Care at support@izotope.com.

I’m seeing an error message when I try to instantiate one of my rent-to-own iZotope plug-ins.

This issue can arise if a rent-to-own plug-in is trying to launch when the Splice desktop client is closed. You must launch the Splice desktop client and log into your Splice account before attempting to use any of your rent-to-own software. Note that the Splice client presents a small menu bar icon to indicate that it’s running. The following image shows the icon you should see when Splice is running.

Splice Logo

Another likely cause of this issue is the absence of a stable network connection. Check your machine’s wi-fi/network settings to confirm that you’re connected to an active network. The Splice desktop client can only obtain license information from your rent-to-own iZotope products via internet connection — without adequate network signal, your rent-to-own plug-ins will not function as fully activated software.

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