RX 4.01 Release Notes

April 29, 2016

Released October 23, 2014.


Updates to the menu bars and context menus:

  • The Learn functions for Hum Removal, Ambience Match, and EQ Match are now available in the Spectrogram's context menu and Process menu.
  • Process menu in Spectrogram context menu and menu bar will process a module's current settings.
  • Tabs within modules can now be processed independently via user-customizable keyboard shortcuts (configurable in the Keyboard menu).
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Important bug fixes:

  • Fixed .mov file loading on Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9.
  • Fixed iLok authorization for RX Monitor on Windows.
  • Clip Gain no longer affects the input monitoring signal.
  • Fixed bursts of noise when looping playback with Clip Gain.
  • Fixed some drawing artifacts on Retina displays.
  • Fixed a crash when using Compare with the Time & Pitch module.
  • Fixed loss of metadata when exporiting FLAC files.
  • Fixed delay compensation in Hum Removal plug-in.
  • Fixed several intermittent crashes.
  • Fixed meter tap installation for OS X.

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