[Archived] Reducing Trash's latency and CPU usage

April 28, 2014

How can I lower Trash's latency and CPU usage?

For better live playback, there are some adjustments you can make to Trash to lower its CPU and latency needs:

  • Trash's Box Model DSP involves high-resolution computations, and certain Box Model effects can significantly raise CPU and latency needs during playback. To reduce these factors, you can configure the Box Model module for playback in the Trash Options screen.

    Open the Options screen by clicking the "Options" button on the lower-right of the Trash display, and select the "Misc" tab at the top. Under the "Box Model" section, try toggling the "Alternate Box Modeling" switch, and see if this improves playback.

    Beyond this, you can also reduce the Box's Model's computations by lowering the "Box modeler trim level" slider. Note that this can lower the overall fidelity of the Box Model DSP. For best results, please remember to reset this slider to its maximum before you mix down.

  • If you don't need stereo output when previewing, try enabling "Process as Mono" in your plug-in Options screen, under the General tab. This can cut CPU usage by up to 50%. Please remeber to disable "Process as Mono" when you mix down.

  • Using fewer bands for multiband effects can save significant CPU. To change the number of bands, right-click (or control-click, on OS X) on the band's mini-spectrum.

  • You can disable your plug-in's animations and grahpical activity from the Options panel. Select the General tab on the Options screen, and look under the Graphics heading. Uncheck Enable Animations to disable animated controls, and uncheck Enable Meters to disable your plug-in's graphical meters.


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