Recording a MIDI track/patterns in iDrum

May 26, 2015

To record a MIDI track/pattern in your DAW using iDrum:

1. Open up your DAW application.

2. Create a new Instrument track with iDrum loaded into it.

3. Create your desired pattern inside of the iDrum sequencer.

4. Go to iDrum menu in the upper left-hand corner and select "save pattern as midi"

5. Export the MIDI file to any folder on your drive or desktop and then drag it directly on to your Instrument track where iDrum is loaded inside your sequencer.

6. Make sure that "Slave to Host" is OFF in iDrum.

7. The MIDI data placed on your Instrument track will now trigger the sounds in your iDrum channels.

You may also skip steps 3-5. By turning OFF "Slave to Host" inside of iDrum, you can simply play and record your drum pattern into your sequencer using an external MIDI keybaord/pad controller.


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