Ozone 6 Serial Number Does Not Authorize Component Plug-ins

May 2, 2016

If you installed an Ozone 6 Advanced trial in the past, but purchased an Ozone 6 Standard license, you may have several extra “Component Plug-ins” on your system, such as Ozone 6 Maximizer or Ozone 6 Equalizer. As these plug-ins are only included with Ozone 6 Advanced, your Ozone 6 Standard license will not be able to successfully authorize them.

To remove these plug-ins from your system, you will need to uninstall Ozone 6 Advanced and then reinstall Ozone 6 Standard. Please follow the steps below.

To Uninstall On Windows:

  • Close all running applications.
  • Enter your Windows Control Panel screen, and select "Uninstall a program" from the Programs category.
  • In the next window, locate “iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced” in the list. Right-click it and choose "Uninstall."

To Uninstall On Mac OS X:

  • Close all running applications.
  • Run the uninstall script that is provided in the Applications > iZotope Ozone 6 folder on your computer.

Once you have successfully uninstalled Ozone 6 Advanced, you may then download and install Ozone 6 Standard. You can download the installer for Ozone 6 Standard from the following link:



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