Nectar 2 Update - Session Save Issue (Mac Only) (AU)

April 29, 2016

There is a known issue with the Audio Unit (AU) (Mac Only) update from Nectar 2.00 to the latest version of Nectar 2, where session settings will not load from older sessions made with the original 2.00 version after updating. If you have not yet installed a previous version of Nectar, then this issue would not affect you, and you can simply install the latest version from our website.

If you have made sessions with Nectar 2.00 within an AU host such as Logic, GarageBand, Ableton Live, etc., then please follow the steps below before updating the latest version of Nectar 2.

Please note: Other formats such as VST and AAX are unaffected, and this also does not affect the Pitch Editor and Breath Control AU plug-ins, and these should load as expected after updating from v2.00.

Please follow these steps to ensure that you don’t lose your work BEFORE updating from v2.00.

  1. Open any sessions you saved with AU instances of Nectar v2.00.

  2. Open the Nectar 2 Preset Manager.

  3. Hit the ‘Add’ button in the Preset Manager to create a new preset using your current settings. Rename it appropriately, so that you remember which Preset applies to each instance of Nectar 2. For example, "SessionName TrackName".

  4. Save your session with your newly created Preset selected in Nectar.

  5. Download and install the latest version of Nectar 2 from our website by using the following link:

  6. Reopen your session, and choose the appropriate Preset you saved in Nectar 2.

Alternatively, if your host supports VST plug-ins, you can instantiate the VST version of Nectar 2, load your saved Preset from the AU instance, and then remove the AU instance. This method allows you to ensure that you have saved your settings, since non-AU formats are unaffected by this update.

This change occurred when we modified our AU hook to accept MIDI input in Logic 9/Logic X. So, the good news here is that if you're a Logic users, you now have access to MIDI Controlled harmonies in the Harmony module!

Some hosts may not seamlessly replace your pre-existing AU instances of Nectar 2, namely Audition, Studio One, and Live 9. Please manually replace the instance of Nectar 2 in these hosts after updating and load your preset, or load the VST version with your saved settings before updating, if your host supports it.

If you experience any difficulty with this process, or have any questions regarding this update, please contact iZotope Customer and Technical Support directly here:

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