Locating plug-ins within Image-Line FL Studio

May 2, 2016

To load a newly installed plug-in within Image-Line FL Studio, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Mixer and then click on an effect plug-in slot to load a plug-in
  2. Please click the 'Select - More...' option in the plug-in browser
  3. At the bottom of this window, please click 'Refresh - Fast Scan (recommended)'
  4. Newly scanned plug-ins will appear within this list to then enable to be selected or loaded.
  5. If no new plug-ins appear in the list, please make sure that the folder that you installed the iZotope plug-in to is listed in the Options - File Settings - 'VST plugins extra search folder'
    • By default, iZotope products will install to the system's VST plug-in folder, which is typically:

      • For 64-bit hosts - C:\Program Files\Vstplugins * or *  C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins
      • For 32-bit hosts - C:\Program Files(x86)\Vstplugins * or * C:\Program Files(x86)\Steinberg\Vstplugins
      • If the VST files do not seem to have been installed in the locations specified during installation, please run the installer again, making special note as to where the installer is placing these VST files. 

You should now be able to access the plug-in from with the Plug-in drop-down menus in the Mixer.

If you are loading an instrument plug-in, please follow these same steps for loading an instrument plug-in from the step sequencer instead of the mixer.


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