What are the keyboard shortcuts for RX?

April 29, 2016

Below is the list of the Default RX Application Keyboard Shortcuts:

These Keyboard Shortcuts are also located inside of the RX Reference Manual.

Note: These Keyboard Shortcuts do not work with the RX Plug-ins.

Ctrl/Command-O: file open

Ctrl/Command-W: file close

Ctrl/Command-S: file save

Ctrl/Command-shift-S: file save as

Ctrl/Command-shift-E: file export selection


Spacebar: play/stop

Return: return-to-zero

Ctrl/Command-L: toggle looping

Ctrl/Command-R: toggle playhead return

Ctrl/Command-F: toggle playhead follow

Ctrl/Command-shift-F: cycle playhead follow mode


Ctrl/Command-Z: undo

Ctrl/Command-Y: redo

Ctrl/Command-X: cut

Ctrl/Command-C: copy

Ctrl/Command-V: paste

Del: silence/delete


Ctrl/Command-A: select all

Ctrl/Command-comma: preferences

Alt-0 through 9 show/hide processing modules

Ctrl/Command-0 through 9 apply processing modules to the current selection

Alt-Shift-4: train denoiser with current selection

Alt-r: show/hide spectrum analyzer panel

Ctrl-Shift-0: toggle floating window opacity (you can also set this in the Misc preferences)

Ctrl/Command-equals: zoom in

Ctrl/Command-hyphen: zoom out

Ctrl/Command-shift-hyphen: zoom out full

Ctrl/Command-: zoom selection

Ctrl/Command-[: zoom left edge

Ctrl/Command-]: zoom right edge

F1: help

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