iZotope Software Appears as Blank Window

July 6, 2018


Some users have reported an issue by which iZotope products display a blank window when instantiated. In most cases, this issue is a byproduct of using applications that utilize your display settings (e.g. screen recording or screen sharing apps) following the latest Windows 1803 update.

To troubleshoot this issue, use Task Manager and Startup Items to disable any software that may be using your display settings. Make sure sure that none of these programs are active while using your iZotope products, as some of these programs run in the background.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to launch Task Manager and use the steps below to close these apps:

— Hold CTRL + ALT  and press Delete, then click Task Manager.

— Find any applications that may be using your display settings and click End Task.


Please also use these steps to ensure that these apps will not automatically launch upon logging into your system:

— Open the Run prompt by using Windows Key + R

— Type "msconfig" (without quotes) and click OK.

— Select the startup tab and disable the app(s) from this list.


If you experience this symptom after following these steps, please contact iZotope Customer Care for further assistance.

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