iZotope's Preset Manager

April 16, 2014

iZotope plug-ins support a convenient internal preset system, and are also compatible with the preset systems used by most host applications. By using the iZotope XML presets, you can easily share presets between applications and across Mac/PC platforms.

Pressing the "Presets" switch on a plug-in's interface will bring up the Preset Manager screen, which gives you access to iZotope's factory presets. The presets you create and load using the Preset Manager are stored on your hard drive as .XML files, and are easy to move, back-up, and copy. Because these presets are read directly by the plug-in, they can be shared effortlessly across different types of host applications and operating systems.

Host applications can also create their own presets based on a plug-in's state, and iZotope plug-ins work well with most host presets. You can usually access your host's preset functions at the edges of the plug-in window, surrounding the plug-in interface.

Of these two types of presets, using iZotope's Preset Manager presets is recommended, as it makes your preset files much easier to share and back-up.

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