How to use RX Connect with Steinberg Wavelab

April 29, 2016

The RX Connect plug-in sends a clip, or multiple clips, to the RX 4 standalone application for editing and repair. This gives you access to all of RX 4's modules in one place, and provides the benefits of RX's offline processing and visual interface.

To edit audio from Steinberg Wavelab in RX 4:

  1. In Wavelab, select the required section of the audio clip for processing.
  2. In the Master Section of Wavelab, add an instance of the RX 4 Connect plug-in 
  3. Depending on your requirements please select one of the following choices:
    • Send for reference - meant for analysis only. The clips go to RX 4, but do not come back.
    • Send for repair - the clips are sent to RX 4 and, after they are cleaned up, you can send them back to your DAW.
  4. Once you have made your choice, press the “Render in place” button on the plug-in window. This will be towards the top-left of the plug-in window next to the "solo" button.
  5. The RX 4 application will automatically open and receive the audio from Wavelab. RX 4 then scans the audio and the waveform will be computed.
  6. You can now carry out any repair, restoration or cleaning using the full selection of RX 4 modules.
  7. Once you are happy with the edits you can simply press the “send back” button at the top of the open window to send the audio back to Wavelab.
  8. Back in Wavelab you will see the RX 4 Connect plug-in is ready to commit changes. To do this in Wavelab simply press the “Render in place” button again.

Please note, Wavelab is not a supported host application for any version of RX higher than RX 4.

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