How to use RX Connect with Adobe Audition CC 2014

April 29, 2016

The RX Connect plug-in sends a clip to the RX 4 standalone application for editing and repair. This gives you access to all of RX 4's modules in one place, and provides the benefits of RX's offline processing and visual interface. Please note, RX Connect only works as a VST plug-in in this host, and therefore the AU version will not be functional.


To edit audio from Adobe Audition CC 2014 in RX 4:

  1. Select Waveform view
  2. Highlight the area of audio that requires editing.
  3. In the Effects menu, load the iZotope RX Connect plug-in from VST3 - > Restoration -> iZotope, Inc. (If you do not see the RX Connect plug-in, open the Audio Plug-in Manager and Scan for Plug-ins, then make sure RX Connect is enabled).
  4. When the plug-in window opens, click Apply.
  5. RX will automatically load. Perform your desired audio edit, then click ‘Send Back’ to send the audio back to Adobe Audition.  The Waiting for Connect message will appear.
  6. Re-load the RX Connect plug-in from the Effects menu. It will now display a message ‘Press Apply to commit changes’. Click Apply to apply the audio edit from RX to your audio file in Adobe Audition.

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