How to use RX as an audio editor with Cockos Reaper

April 29, 2016

You can set up RX as an external editor in Reaper to enhance your audio editing workflow.

To set RX as an external editor in Reaper:

  1. Open the Reaper preferences.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom section titled "External Editors."
  3. Click "Add."
  4. Next to "Primary Editor:" choose "Browse..."
  5. Navigate to the RX standalone application. On Mac, this should be in your Applications folder. On Windows, this should be in your "C:\Program Files (x86)\iZotope\RX\win64" folder.
  6. Click "Open" and then click "OK."

To edit audio in Reaper with RX:

  1. Right click on the audio clip you wish to edit and select "Open Items in Editor -> "Open Items in iZotope RX."
  2. RX should open up with the selected audio.
  3. Make any necessary changes and select "Overwrite Original File" from the RX File menu.
  4. Now, if you go back to Reaper, you should see the waveform display of the audio clip reflect any changes that you made in RX.

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