How to use RX as an audio editor with Apple Final Cut Pro X

April 29, 2016

RX is a powerful audio editor that Apple Final Cut Pro X users can use to get better sounding audio in their video projects.

To edit audio from your Final Cut Pro project in RX:

  1. Select the clip you want to edit in your Final Cut Pro project
  2. Hit Cmd-Shift-R to Reveal in Finder
  3. Open the revealed file in RX and edit it
  4. When you are done, in RX choose File/Overwrite Original File to automatically update the clip in your Final Cut Pro project or File/Export to make a new file, and then reimport that file in Final Cut Pro
  5. *Please note, video files cannot be overwritten with RX Audio Editor. In cases where audio from a video file is imported into RX Audio Editor, you will need to first export the edited audio from RX and reimport that into Final Cut Pro

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