Exporting an iDrum pattern to MIDI

April 8, 2015

Once you've got a beat going, you may want to export the parts as a single midi file so that you can edit the notes in your DAW. By dragging the exported midi file to the appropriate track in the DAW and disengaging iDrum's slave to host button, iDrum becomes a MIDI sample playback module.

One thing to keep in mind when exporting MIDI is that the MIDI data is generated based on the current MIDI to channel mapping settings in iDrum. If you change the channel mapping after exporting midi, the played back MIDI data may not sound the same -- though this can lead to some pretty happy accidents. :-)

1. To Export the Current Pattern as MIDI, Ctrl-Click or click with the right mouse button anywhere in iDrum's window and select 'Save Pattern as MIDI...

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