Exporting an iDrum pattern to AIFF

April 5, 2015

When you've got your beat just right (or are ready to do some audio editing on it), you can export your loop as a single AIFF file which gives you a 'What You Hear Is What You Get' mix of the current pattern or as a single AIFF file for each channel/part in the current pattern. This lets you load each part as a separate loop in GarageBand or Logic and work with them individually.

1. To Export the Current Pattern as AIFF, Ctrl-Click or click with the right mouse button anywhere in iDrum's window and select 'Bounce Pattern to AIFF...' Select the name and location for the saved file.

2. If you'd like each channel's output bounced to a separate file, check the 'Bounce Each Channel to Separate File' checkbox in the save file dialog. For each channel, iDrum will append '_nn' to the file name you specified.

For example, If you specified 'My Pattern.aif' as the save file name and checked the 'Bounce Each Channel to Separate File' checkbox, iDrum would create the files 'My Pattern_00.aif', 'My Pattern_01.aif'... and so on.

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