Elements Suite FAQ

November 22, 2017


Can I use the Elements Suite installer if I haven’t purchased Elements Suite?

No -- products installed with the Elements Suite installer may only be authorized with an Elements Suite serial number.  However, you may use Product Portal to seamlessly install your individual elements products!

What is the difference between Elements Suite and Elements Bundle?

Both Elements Suite and Elements Bundle contain RX Elements, Ozone Elements, and Neutron Elements -- everything you need to get started with iZotope’s intelligent Mix, Master, and Repair technology.  

Elements Suite now installs all three products with a single installer, and authorizes with a single serial number!

I own one or more of the products included in Elements Suite. Do I qualify for a discount?

Yes, we are offering a special loyalty cross grade for existing owners of an Elements product or RX Plug-in Pack.  Log in to your account to check your upgrade options!

Can I still find individual installers for my Elements products?

Yes!  As always, please visit our support page to find the latest versions of our software.

Will I qualify for future upgrades (i.e. Elements Suite 2) even if I own the individual components rather than the bundle license?

Not to worry, you will still qualify for future upgrades if you own individual licenses for all components of the suite (rather than a bundled serial).


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team via our support portal.


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