Demo/Trial versions and serial numbers

April 28, 2016

The Authorization process is only used after purchasing iZotope software, to transform a demo product into a fully-functional version. If you'd like to try out an iZotope plug-in before purchasing, a serial number is not needed, and you can press the Continue or Demo button to exit the Authorization Wizard.

For the first 10 days after installation, an unauthorized plug-in can run in Trial mode, which offers full functionality with no restrictions*. After 10 days, the plug-in will continue to run in Demo mode. In Demo mode, the plug-in's output will mute briefly every 40 seconds. Aside from this periodic silence, there are no other limitations in Demo mode, and both Trial and Demo mode offer the same feature set as the authorized plug-in.

*Saving and Exporting will be disabled for standalone applications, such as RX 6 and Ozone 7, in Trial and Demo mode.

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