Creating a new song in iDrum

June 12, 2015

To create a song in iDrum follow these steps:

1. Turn Song Mode on. 

2. Set the length of the song in bars. (Change the value by clicking on the 'Length' display and dragging up or down. 

3. While iDrum is stopped, select a bar using the bar selector. Now select the pattern you want to play during that bar using the pattern selector control. Repeat for each bar in the song. Alternatively, while song mode is engaged, iDrum will 'record' your pattern changes.

Be careful changing patterns while in song mode as iDrum is always recording pattern changes while in song mode.

Your song is always saved with the host's project file or with your iDrum file, even when you turn song mode off. You can have up to 999 bars in your song.


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