Common Authorization/Registration Error Messages

May 12, 2016

Here are the most common error messages you may encounter when attempting to authorize your iZotope product(s), what they mean, and how to resolve them:

"The serial number you've entered is already in use by another account..."

If you see this error message, you have already registered your iZotope product license under a different e-mail address. You will need to enter the same e-mail address to successfully authorize.

If you are unsure of which e-mail address you originally used, please email iZotope support with your name and serial number.

"The serial number you have entered is invalid..."

This error will appear if your serial number has been entered incorrectly. All iZotope serial numbers will follow this format:


Make sure to include all digits, including the "SN" and product name. If you continue to see this error, double-check the serial number for typos.

"Your serial number does not support iLok authorization or is already authorized with an iLok..."

This means you have already authorized your iZotope license to an iLok account. In this case, you may simply uncheck the "Use iLok authorization" option to authorize with challenge/response.

If you are having issues setting up iLok authorization, check out this article for more information.

"The serial number you have entered appears to be for another product..."

This error will appear when the serial you have entered is valid, but for a different iZotope product. Please verify the name of the iZotope plug-in you are loading, and make sure it matches your serial number.



If you still have issues, please contact iZotope Support for assistance.

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