Changing the startup drum kit/pattern

April 30, 2015

In order to change the default drum kit and pattern that iDrum loads whenever it is started, you must first locate the "default.idrum" file. iDrum will always load the "default.idrum" file when launched. As such, in order to create your own default kit and pattern, all you have to do is overwrite this original "default.idrum" file.

On Mac, this file is inside: 

    Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/iDrumKits/default.idrum

On PC, this file is located under: 

    My Documents/iZotope iDrum Content/default.idrum 

If you would like to save the old default kit without overwriting it, you can simply change its file name to "default2" for example.

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