Certain VST3 Plug-ins Fail to Scan in Adobe Premiere Pro

March 12, 2018


Due to a recent change in Adobe Premiere Pro related to VST3 plug-in specification certain manufacturer’s plug-ins, including iZotope, may fail to initialize during scan.

If you are experiencing a failure when loading pre-existing projects in Premiere Pro, please try launching and manually triggering an audio plug-in scan using the steps below.

  1. Launch Premiere Pro

  2. Open a project which doesn't have these plug-ins, or create a new project

  3. Navigate to the Effects tab

  4. Open the fly-out menu for that tab, choose Audio Plug-In Manager

  5. Check the "Rescan existing plug-ins" checkbox

  6. Press the "Scan for Plug-ins" button

Following these steps will re-scan all audio plug-ins, and the ones which are crashing will be labeled as "Not Working" and skipped. You can then open your previous Session or Project and swap them out with a different plug-in, or in some cases the same plug-in but with a different plug-in architecture (e.g. Audio Units or VST). Only VST3 is affected.





If you continue to experience issues, another workaround would be to utilize the VST2 or Audio Unit (AU) versions of the affected plug-ins since these plug-in formats are not affected. According to Adobe support this issue will be fixed in the next release, due in the Spring of 2018.

Users looking for status updates are encouraged to visit the Audition and Premiere forums at https://forums.adobe.com/

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