Can't find presets after installing on Windows

May 3, 2015

On Windows, the presets for a plug-in are installed into the "My Documents" folder for the user who installs the plug-in.

For example: 

C:\Documents and Settings\("Administrator" or "Your Windows Username")\My Documents\iZotope\[Product Name]

If you install in an educational or other institutional environment, you may install the plug-ins with an administrative account but then use the plug-ins in a guest or student account.

To make the presets available to the other users, simply copy the preset folder from the administrative account to the standard user account.

For example, copy the folder:

C:Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/iZotope/[Product Name]

to the following location:

C:Documents and Settings/*your username*/My Documents/iZotope/[Product Name]

Installing the presets into the local user account instead of a global folder protects users from modifying each other's presets.

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