[Archived] Upgrading from Trash 1.07 to Trash 1.14 may lose settings in sessions

April 29, 2016

This article has been archived

This issue only affected earlier versions of Trash 1 and does not affect Trash 2.


Upgrading from Trash 1.07 to Trash 1.14 may lose settings in sessions


There is a known issue that may cause problems when upgrading from Trash v1.07 to the latest version. Any sessions that were created using Trash v1.07 may not load your plug-in settings properly after upgrading.

This problem has only affected the following platforms: Pro Tools/PC users Only and Digital Performer/Mac.

If you are affected by this problem, you may choose to continue using your current version, Trash 1.07 until this problem is fixed. If you are NOT affected by this problem, simply download and install the latest version.

If you would like to continue with the upgrade process, there is a workaround. The workaround is to save your plug-in settings first, by using iZotope's internal preset system. Once you have saved your settings using iZotope XML presets, you can upgrade to the latest version of your plug-in.

1. Reinstall Trash 1.07. (You may already have this installed)

PC: Trash v1.07

MAC: Trash v1.07

2. Open your session saved with Trash 1.07. It should open without problems.

3. Save a new Trash internal XML preset that records Trash's settings for this project.

4. Now remove Trash from the session. Save the session with a new session name.

5. Do this for all of your sessions that are thus affected. Then...

6. Close your host application and reinstall the latest version from our site:

PC: Trash v1.14

MAC: Trash v1.14

7. Start your host application and open your session.

8. Instantiate a new Trash plug-in in your session.

9. Using Trash's preset manager, restore your saved XML preset settings for Trash.

10. Save the new session...That's it, you're done!

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