[Archived] iDrum T-Pain Edition Tips & Tricks

April 29, 2016

iDrum T-Pain Edition Tips & Tricks

How to load samples: Clicking on the sample name or the 'Load' button next to the sample name can change or load new samples into patterns.

Using the Info Panel:The Info panel can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the iDrum window. The Info panel will provide controls to edit the MIDI trigger channel, Choke Group for each sample , as well as general sample parameters.

Choke Groups: Choke groups allow for one sample to 'cut off' the audio for another sample. Samples that are set to the same choke group will work with this behavior. The most recent triggered sample will cut off the audio from a previous sample. This can be useful for multiple samples of the same instrument, such as a short hi-hat, and a long hi-hat.

Recording new pattern sequences: By clicking on the circular record button to the left of the bigger play button, you can enable recording of sample triggers. Once activated, you can use the sample trigger 'play' buttons on the left of each sample to trigger these samples manually while a pattern is playing.

NOTE: You can determine recording quantization for this function within the 'Menu - Recording Quantization' menu option. This will adjust any sequences that are recorded to fit this beat grid quantization.


Loading iDrum as a standalone application to create beats:

You can load iDrum as a standalone drum sequencer separately to create or modify beats outside of The T-Pain Effect. To do this:


- On Macintosh computers, select iDrum from the 'Applications' folder.

- On PC machines, please select iDrum from the 'Start - All Applications - iZotope - iDrum' folder.


Loading within a host: You can also load iDrum within an audio host application such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, GarageBand, Flstudio, Reaper, etc,. Simply select iDrum as a software instrument or in some cases, it is also available to load as an audio effect with MIDI to VST routing.

Host Sync: When loaded within an audio host application, iDrum contains the ability to sync to the host's tempo and song/beat position. To activate this feature, please select the 'Sync' button the right of the 'Play' button.

Changing Tempo: When not in 'Host Sync' mode, you can change the tempo of iDrum by dragging or double clicking the numbers located in the 'BPM' box. This feature is only available when running as a standalone application, and when not synced to a host in an audio application, or within The T-Pain Effect directly.

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