[Archived] Creating a new beat with iDrum for The T-Pain Effect

April 29, 2016

Creating a new beat with iDrum for The T-Pain Effect


To create a beat from scratch to be used within the T-Pain Effect, please follow these steps:


1.) Open iDrum outside of The T-Pain Effect application. On PC this will be available within the 'Start Menu - All Programs - iZotope - iDrum' folder. For Mac, iDrum will be located within the applications folder.


2.) Once open please right click anywhere in the application, or select the menu icon in the top left corner, and select 'New'. This will create an empty kit for you to work with.


3.) With the empty kit, simply right click in the empty pattern window (or by using the menu) and select 'Insert New Track'. You can then select the sample that you wish to use with this specific track. ***Please note that iDrum is limited to audio under 10 seconds in length.


4.) Once your tracks are created, and you have sequenced new beats that you wish to bring into The T-Pain Effect, please save this kit to a specific location that you will remember, or the default iDrum content location here:

PC:   C:\Documents and Settings\(Username)\My Documents\iZotope iDrum Content\Kits

Mac:    /Users/(Username)/Library/Application Support/iDrum/Kits

5.) You can then load The T-Pain Effect, and select 'File - Import iDrum Kit'. Then please select the kit from the location that you have previously saved.


6.) Once successfully imported, you should be able to select the patterns that you have created within the kit that you have made. ***Please note that The T-Pain Effect will load the programmed pattern sequence created within the 'Edit Song' option within iDrum.


For more information on programming songs out in iDrum, or creating beats within iDrum, please check out our tutorial video on YouTube.com here:

Creating Kits: http://www.youtube.com/user/izotopeinc#p/c/55811791594A0D47/3/vgkuQsFPOg4

Song Editor: http://www.youtube.com/user/izotopeinc#p/c/55811791594A0D47/4/f_IaG3SNcYM

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