I own RX Plug-in Pack, how do I try RX 5 Audio Editor?

February 28, 2016

For owners of RX Plug-in Pack that would like to try RX 5 Audio Editor, please try the following steps:

1 . Click here to download the latest installer for RX 5 Audio Editor.

2 . Install RX 5 Audio Editor and launch your audio or video editor software.

3 . RX 5 application & plug-ins will be in a fully functional trial period for 30 days.

4 . After the RX 5 Audio Editor trial period is over and you are done with the demo, the RX Plug-in Pack will need to be re-installed in order to be functional again. Click here to re-download the RX Plug-in Pack.

5 . Once re-installed RX Plug-in Pack will be fully functional - there is no need to reauthorize.

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