Alloy 2 Has Been Discontinued

March 2, 2017

The Alloy family of mixing products has been discontinued. Effective March 2, 2017, Alloy 2 is no longer available for purchase.

We expect you may have questions, and aim to address them below.


Why did you discontinue Alloy 2?

Neutron has replaced Alloy as the future of iZotope’s mixing products.


Why didn’t you develop Alloy 3 instead of Neutron?

To develop new features like Masking Meter and Track Assistant, we needed the freedom to develop the tech with modern code. Rather than try to re-work our Alloy 2 code, we made the decision to start from scratch. As we re-imagined the ideal mixing plug-in, we also enhanced every processor based on the iZotope engineering team’s research. Between the new features and the enhanced DSP, Neutron represents our latest advancements in processing and workflow.


Can I still get customer support for Alloy 2?

If you purchased Alloy 2 within the past year, you will still receive technical support for in-depth product questions from our Customer Care team. This level of support will continue until 12 months after your date of purchase.

After 12 months of ownership, we’ll still help you with any account or authorization questions. If you need more detailed help on how to use the product, we encourage you to check out the Help Documentation and our Knowledgebase.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team.


Thank you,

The team at iZotope

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