Authorization Help

iZotope products support four methods of authorization: Online, iLok, Challenge/Response (Offline), and our iZotope Product Portal application. The method that will be best for you is based on your preferences and also the machine(s) on which you want to install your iZotope products.

Authorization Tutorial Videos

After product installation, the Authorization Wizard will help walk you through the process. You can also watch tutorial videos for Online, iLok, and Challenge/Response authorization or read more about our Product Portal to determine which authorization process is right for you.

Common Authorization Errors

For a list of common error messages you may encounter when attempting to authorize your iZotope product(s), what they mean, and how to resolve them, please visit our knowledgebase article:

Common Authorization/Registration Error Messages

iZotope Product Portal


iZotope Product Portal is a downloadable application that allows you to seamlessly manage your iZotope software in one central location. Product Portal lets you download, install, authorize, and purchase products from directly within the Product Portal, and makes it even easier to stay current with the latest software updates.

Learn more about and download Product Portal 

Online Authorization

If your computer is connected to the internet: The most commonly-used authorization method is Online Authorization, where you can use your serial number to directly authorize a product, after product installation on your machine. 

Watch Online Authorization video

iLok Authorization

If you use an iLok: Our products also support iLok authorization for offline machines, or for users who are using iZotope products on-the-go on a number of different machines. More about iLok

Watch iLok Authorization video

Challenge/Response Authorization

If your computer is not connected to the internet we offer a Challenge/Response authorization method. For this process, a challenge code is provided by the software on the desired machine after you perform the installation. This challenge code must then be submitted to our website via another web-connected device. A response file is then provided that you can use to authorize the offline machine.

Watch Challenge/Response Authorization video

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