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Track Referencing

A/B your master against reference tracks directly within any instance of Ozone or its standalone application. Now an integrated process, track referencing is easy, intelligent, and incorporated into Ozone’s workflow. Track referencing in Ozone allows you to load up to 10 tracks and identifies sections of your reference like Verse or Chorus for easy playback, so you can spend less time finding and more time mastering.

Track Referencing features:

  • Quickly compare and contrast your music while you're working in any module.
  • Track Segmentation: analyzes your tracks on import, allowing you to play or loop any section in your references.
  • Gain Slider: adjusts the overall gain of your reference tracks for better sonic comparisons.
  • Waveform View: select, loop, rename, and adjust the different segments of your reference tracks with the waveform view in Track Referencing.
  • Overlaid Reference Spectra: compare the spectral characteristics of your reference tracks against your music in any module of Ozone with overlaid spectral meters.

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