NEW! Magnify Soft Clip (in Maximizer Module)


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Boost loudness while maintaining high fidelity audio with the new Magnify Soft Clip. Bring your track forward using the soft clipper to amplify the Maximizer’s IRC algorithms, used on countless hit records.



Ozone’s highly regarded mastering limiter features multiple modes of iZotope’s transparent limiting algorithm, IRC™.  IRC IV features Transient and Modern modes. Get more transparent limiting with less pumping at higher volumes—ideal for times when you need to tame the kick drum peaks without causing vocals to pump, keep the subtle snap of a snare rimshot in a country single, or give a club track incredible impact. 

Maximizer Features:

  • NEW! With the Magnify Soft Clip for mastering you can add a high fidelity loudness boost by controlling the wet/dry of the Soft Clip processing
  • NEW! Three soft clip intensity styles, Light: begins saturating the signal 3 dB below the threshold, Moderate: begins saturating the signal 9 dB below the threshold and Heavy: begins saturating the signal 30 dB below the threshold
  • Soft Clip is oversampled 4x to prevent aliasing distortion
  • Experience transparent limiting with multiple modes of the IRC™ (Intelligent Release Control) Limiter technology, with multiple improved IRC IV modes and IRC Low Latency mode.
  • Threshold Learn: automatic threshold adjustment based on a user-defined LUFS target, ideal for finding the right loudness for your preferred streaming service.
  • Threshold and Ceiling Link: decrease threshold without boosting perceived level to hear the audible effect of your processing.
  • Stereo Independence: independent stereo detection of "Transient" and "Sustain" portions of the signal offer greater control of the stereo image.
  • Transient Emphasis: fine-tune the shaping of transients to preserve sharper sounds, like drums, while still optimizing loudness.

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