Master Rebalance

Master Rebalance uses Source Separation technology to let you change the volume of vocals, drums, or bass in any audio file—even a stereo bounce. It gives you the final say in a mix, letting you correct and change the levels of instruments without needing the original tracks.

Give your vocals a small boost to add presence without affecting the mid-range, or slightly lower the bass guitar instead of using a compressor. Correct weak-sounding drums with one small boost that can save you from hours of EQ surgery. A well-balanced mix makes any mastering engineer’s job easier—with Master Rebalance, you can nudge your sound in the right direction.

Master Rebalance features:

  • Master Rebalance works in real time—no need to render or bounce your tracks.
  • Twin spectrum meters let you see your rebalanced source against the rest of your track.
  • Use DAW automation with Master Rebalance to add dynamic energy during arrangement changes. 
  • Solve mix issues with a simple gain change, instead of trying to EQ them away.

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