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Add musical movement.
The new Impact module is an innovative, first-to-market microdynamics processor for mastering. Enhance the rhythm and feel of your tracks by intuitively controlling microdynamics. Four sliders work across different frequency bands to breathe life into your mix, adding punch and dynamic space, or gluing your track together for a thicker sound.

Ozone’s new Impact Module allows you to harness the power of compression in a more intuitive, outcome-driven approach

With the new Impact Module you can adjust the amount of expansion or compression applied to the microdynamics of the signal. Positive values will expand microdynamics for a more open, punchy sound, and negative values will compress microdynamics for a more dense, glued sound.

Impact features

  • Available as module and a plug-in
  • Multiband microdynamics control
  • Scrolling Gain trace lines show you all 4 bands at once allowing you to view compression and expansion levels across the various frequency spectrum simultaneously
  • Envelope: Adjusts the amount of time for expansion or compression to return to baseline after a microdynamic event. This control can be set in milliseconds or beat divisions synced to the host tempo when Sync is enabled. 
  • Auto-gain: When enabled, make-up gain is automatically calculated and applied to the output signal to compensate for level differences introduced by dynamics processing. 
  • Link Bands: Enable to link Impact amount adjustments across all bands. When enabled and an Impact control is adjusted for one band, all other Impact controls will be adjusted by the same amount.
  • Delta mode: allows you to hear just the microdynamic changes that the module is applying. This lets you know precisely how you are adjusting your track as you make changes in the Impact Module

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