Easily fine-tune dynamics with independent control for up to four audio frequency bands, each with separate limiting, compression, and expansion. Both a limiter and compressor in one module, Dynamics also packs in the precision of iZotope metering, allowing you to surgically glue your mix together and add punch and energy to your master.

Dynamics features:

  • Intelligently automate release times with Adaptive Release mode.
  • Set threshold points for the Limiter and Compressor stages with interactive Threshold control.
  • Automatically set crossover frequencies with Learn mode.
  • Process the center or the sides of your audio with Mid/Side Processing mode.
  • Detection Filter with high-pass and tilt modes provide fine control over the way Dynamics responds to incoming audio.
  • Advanced detection circuit modes feature Peak, RMS, and True Envelope detection as well as variable Look-ahead time.

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