Nectar 3’s built-in harmonizer can be used to automatically build vocal unisons and harmonies, by creating and layering copies of your vocal track. You can add up to eight voices, snap them into scale, or control your harmonizations using a MIDI controller. The Harmony module is a vocal producer’s dream, giving you the power to create massive layered choirs and backing vocals, or add classic doubling or tripling vocal effects.

  • Add up to eight separate voices and control their stereo placement all within a visual environment. Fine tune the relative pitch of each individual voice using contextual heads up displays.
  • Use the Pitch module to automatically lock your voices into a chosen key, or use a MIDI controller to play your harmonies in real time.
  • Control global time and pitch variation to create realistic or outlandish-sounding harmonies. Fine tune the Harmony mix with high and low shelving filters.

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