Nectar 3 includes two new 24-band Dynamic EQs form-fit to the unique needs of vocals. Transparent and clear, the Dynamic EQs serve both corrective and creative applications with adaptive nodes for frequency sculpting and pitch tracking. The new Follow EQ mode allows direct, dynamic tracking of pitch, eliminating the need for manual editing of individual resonant frequencies and harmonics for active shaping of timbre and tone.

  • Follow EQ Mode automatically sculpts and shapes your vocal in real time, locking on to pitch to help remove unwanted resonances, dynamically remove low end rumble, and shape tone while preserving the natural character of your vocal.
  • Get two separate EQ’s that can be placed anywhere in the signal chain for unparalleled processing flexibility. That’s a total of 48 bands of EQ to work with!
  • Contextual menus in the interface let you control every aspect of the EQ by touch.

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