Audio Examples in Nectar 3 Plus

Professional clarity and polish

Nectar 3 Plus is designed to work within any genre. In the audio examples below, we used Vocal Assistant, along with our own custom settings, to fit these vocals in the mix.

Unmask Before & After

Vocal Assistant: Unmask

Unmask can help fit your vocal into a busy mix by using EQ to remove colliding frequencies on other tracks. In this example, we used Vocal Assistant: Unmask on the vocal and Relay on the mix bus. Although we used aggressive settings in this example, you can also use the new Amount slider for subtle processing.

Before & After Nectar 3


In this example, we added depth and excitement to the vocal with the Dimension, Saturation, and Delay modules in addition to corrective EQ and dynamics settings.

Before & After Nectar 3


For this pop vocal, Vocal Assistant gave us plenty of De-essing, some character EQ, and a bit of reverb, but we also added some Saturation for good measure.

Before & After Nectar 3

Hip Hop

We ran Vocal Assistant on this track, engaged some chorus from the Dimension module along with analog Saturation, and introduced some additional limiting.