Ring Mod

Ring modulation is an effect that multiplies the frequency content of two input waveforms and outputs a new waveform that includes frequency content from both inputs. It imparts a unique, detuned tone to your audio, which can be heard on famous movies and shows such as Doctor Who and Forbidden Planet, and rock albums such as Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. Ideal for both sound design and music production, add unique tremolo, extra grit, texture, and creepiness to your audio with VocalSynth 2’s Ring Mod!

  • Manually adjust LFO and Depth controls, or sync Ring Mod to your host tempo for automatic modulation.  The higher the Depth, the more drastically the signal is modulated!
  • Add subtle texture to your vocal by blending in Ring Mod with the wet/dry Mix knob.
  • Adjust the timing of the frequency modulation with the Freq knob. Crank it up for extra weirdness!

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