Visual Mixer

Virtual mixing command center


Reach out and touch your audio

Visual Mixer lets you move your tracks around a virtual space. Eliminate the headache of looking at a traditional mixer. It’s the easiest way to visualize your entire mix.

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Connect all your tracks

Inter-plugin Communication enables Visual Mixer to control any tracks containing a Neutron, Nectar, VocalSynth, or Relay plug-in in your session.

Why Visual Mixer?

The more the merrier

Visual Mixer includes Relay, a mix utility and Inter-plugin Communication beacon to connect all tracks in your mix.

Intelligent, automatic mixing

As part of Neutron 4, Visual Mixer can activate Mix Assistant to generate a starting mix balance in seconds.

Low CPU overhead

Visual Mixer is light on CPU resources, so you can engage Inter-plugin Communication across all your tracks.

Watch Visual Mixer video

2-Minute Tips: Pan Background Vocals with Visual Mixer

Get Visual Mixer

Visual Mixer is available as part of your purchase when you buy Neutron 4.

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