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Filter Modules

With distortion, tone is everything. Trash 2 gives you two new redesigned Filter modules to drive the frequencies you want into distortion or tame the ones you don't want. Shape the tone and make it your own with re-engineered Filter shapes and new Vowel Filters.

  • Experiment with 20+ sweepable filters for a variety of clean, juicy, and harsh tonal options.
  • Get twice the filter action with brand new Filter 1 and Filter 2 modules.

  • Add LFO and envelope modulation per node to get wahs, wubs, tremolos, and other sweeping effects. 

  • Let your Filter settings react dynamically to other incoming audio with new sidechaining support.

  • Put both Filter modules in parallel to achieve different combinations of filter settings simultaneously.
  • Delay, Dynamics and Output Limiter features.
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