Using the Wide/Narrow Feature to Shape Vocals

The Wide feature puts iZotope's award-winning Ozone Imager signal processing to work, making the selected track sound big and lush.

The Narrow feature removes any stereoizing for a more focused sound. 



  1. Open a Spire project on your phone
  2. Tap Mix near the top of the screen
  3. Select the track you want to edit
  4. Toggle the Wide or Narrow icon on the right
  5. Listen to the difference on headphones by tapping the Play button 


Sound Example

Listen to examples recorded in Spire Pro by rapper and producer King Philip:

Spire's "Narrow" Feature on Vocals

Spire's "Wide" Feature on Vocals

Want to try recording with the Wide/Narrow feature? Open the project in the Spire app below.

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