Remove noise automatically in Spire Pro

Noise Removal and Pop Filter

Wherever you record, Spire Pro drastically reduces unwanted background noise like the hum of air conditioners or the sound of people in another room*. Spire Pro will also reduce reverb and echo typically experienced in an untreated room. Additionally, Spire Pro cleans up pops and plosives from your vocal tracks*—just like a virtual pop filter. 

*WiFi connect with internet required for Spire Pro to render audio cleanup


Here’s how to remove noise automatically in the Spire app (Spire Pro subscription required):


  1. Open the Spire iOS app 
  2. Tap on the “Turn on automatic audio cleanup” banner at the top of your project list
  3. Log in to your Spire account with the Sign in with Apple or Google option to allow Spire to securely process your audio 
  4. Tap continue to allow Spire to sign you in
  5. Go to your Spire settings menu and ensure the Automatic audio cleanup option is engaged
  6. When you record a track in a Spire project and you are connected to WiFi with internet, the track will be cleaned and rendered within moments. A message saying “Audio cleaned with Spire Pro” will show at the top of your screen when cleanup is complete
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