Recording Audio Dynamics in a Vocal

Audio dynamics refer to the differences in level, or volume, of the recorded signal. Creating verses and hooks with dynamic range can be a great technique to hook listeners.



  1. Open a Spire project (like the one below!)

  2. Import a beat if you don’t already have one

  3. Tap the Record view and type or paste your lyrics

        Tip: Make note of when to increase your vocal energy!

  4. Tap the Soundcheck button and rap or sing the loudest part of your vocal to avoid any clipping

  5. Tap the Record button and record your verse


Listen to an example of a verse that increases in volume and intensity, recorded with Spire Pro by rapper and producer King Philip.


Sound Example

Varying Dynamics in a Rap Vocal

Want to see how King Philip recorded his verse and try this technique for yourself? Open the project in the Spire app below!

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