Doubling Vocal Tracks to Add Depth

Doubling tracks or stacking vocals is an easy way to add depth or fullness to recordings.



  1. Open a Spire project (like the one below!)

  2. Import a beat if you don’t already have one

  3. Tap the Edit or Record view

  4. Tap the Record button and record your primary vocal track

  5. Tap the Record button again to record your vocal double 

  6. Mute one of your vocal tracks and listen back to the difference having a doubled vocal makes to the sound of your recording!


Listen to a vocal double example recorded with Spire Pro by rapper King Philip (prod. by BA$E).


Sound Example

Doubling a Vocal Track in Spire

Want to see how King Philip recorded his vocal double and try it for yourself? Open the project in the Spire app below!

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