Deconstruct lets you adjust the independent levels of tone and noise in your audio. This module will analyze your audio selection and separate the signal into its tonal and noisy audio components. The individual gains of each component can then be cut or boosted.

This can be useful for a variety of audio files and applications, ranging from increasing the “breathiness” of a flute to removing noisy distortion buried among tonal content. The Deconstruct module may produce better results than the De-noise module when the noise is highly time-variable, such as residual vinyl noise after de-clicking/de-crackling has been applied.

The Transient Gain slider adjusts the level of transient components of the signal. This can work as a transient shaper or a de-clicker, allowing you to attenuate or boost clicks and attacks.

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Which edition of RX is right for you?

This feature is available in RX 11 Advanced and RX Post Production Suite 8 designed to meet any budget or post production need.